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Huntsman Duffle

Huntsman Duffle

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Dimensions: 19.5”x 9.5”x 10"

This fantastic duffle bag is the ultimate travel accessory that will make your life easier on any trip. The bag's unique U-shaped zipper provides you with easy access to the main compartment, making packing and unpacking hassle-free. The interior zipper offers additional security for your belongings while traveling. For added convenience, the bag also features two unlined zipper pockets on either side perfect for keeping important items close by.

Best of all, this carry-on sized duffle allows you to breeze through the airport without worrying about struggling to fit an oversize bag into the overhead compartment, making traveling stress-free. Plus, the included adjustable leather shoulder strap ensures you can comfortably carry your bag wherever you go. Don't miss out on the opportunity to simplify your travel experience with this amazing duffle bag!

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